Vadalis.jpgVadalis is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, the seasons, and the forest. Because of her reign over the hunt, she is also associated with predation and hunger. And because of her rule of the seasons, she is also the god of metamorphosis and rebirth.

Vadalis is usually aloof and thoughtful, but with her companions she is playful and joyful. She has a feral, animalistic side and shoulders the responsibility of keeping the forest a haven for animals, preventing the spread of humans into her domain, and letting the natural world have free rein. Vadalis is quick to anger and vengeance if something threatens her realm. The seasons change at her whim, and she delays the change if angered. She the twin sister of Helios, and permits him to unleash fires on the forest when it is in need of cleansing or when humans are encroaching too far into the wilds.

Vadalis has a tumultuous relationship with Lyranda, the goddess of agriculture. Lyranda is infuriated by Vadalis’s interference in the seasons. In turn, Vadalis is disgusted by agriculture, which she sees as an aberration from the natural cycle of the world.

Ephixis_Bow.jpgVadalis is Theros’s finest archer, and she wields Ephixis, a bow crafted from a fallen branch of the Ephixis Tree just before the Archon War. Her companion, the nymph Theophila, conjures illusions for target practice, such as fireflies or minuscule silk worms. Vadalis has no qualms with predation, but she loathes hunting for sport. She personally kills poachers in the Nistos Forest who have not asked for her blessing to hunt her animals.

Vadalis doesn’t have temples built in her honor. She dislikes the construction of temples and cities in general. Nymphs of all kinds pay homage to her, as do sentient humanoids such as satyrs, centaurs, and many citizens of Setessa. Her holy sites often consist of a tree surrounded by a cloud of butterflies. When one of these trees is spotted, people say she is near. Her human followers tend to be loners, outcasts, and those who choose to live in the wilds. Some city dwellers will come into the forest to honor her, especially to pray that the seasons will change in a timely manner. Vadalis hates sacrifices and is notoriously hard to please.

Depending on their offerings, worshipers could as easily anger her as win her blessing. She enjoys seeing acts of kindness and protection of creatures both domesticated and wild.

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