Sivis__Queen_of_the_Gods.jpgQueen of the gods, Sivis is the goddess of city-states and family. Sivis represents and presides over any organized state of people, but in particular she is worshiped in Meletis. Sivis is also the goddess of childbirth, societal progress, social philosophy, and the protection and stability of the city. It is believed that her presence keeps a polis safe from beings of the wild; when a government building or civic structure is erected, some representation of Sivis’ face is almost always included.

The mother of Helios, Vadalis, Deneith, and Cannith; Sivis also took in Voltheus and raised him as her own after murdering his mother. She also did the same for her husband’s mind-children, Erathis and Thuranni.

Her living siblings, Aventus, Avernus, and Lyranda, all lay claim to the domain of her deceased husband (their brother) Anamnesor, even though she is queen of the gods. For now, Sivis safeguards it.

Sivis.jpgOf all her children, she clashes most with Vadalis and Deneith, who’s wild natures clash with civilization and the hierarchy of family. Her favored children are Helios, Cannith, and Erathis, who follow after her example in most things. Sivis constantly worries about Voltheus and Thuranni, but for different reasons.

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