Lyranda is the god of the harvest, health, and the seasons. She is a serene, wise goddess who values community, stability, and the balance of nature. As such, she is strongly associated with Setessa, where worship of her is strongest. Lyranda is also the god of maternity, orphans, domestication, and agriculture, but she is not a pacifist. She governs defense of home and guarding of territory.

Lyranda.jpgLyranda appears seated in her nature-woven Throne of Abundance with her Sable curled at its base or around it. Her hair is made of orderly leaves and she is surrounded by jugs and amphorae that can contain or even be spilling colorful yields of the harvest.

The harvest god’s cornucopia contains the fruits of the fields, the forest, and beyond.

Her priests often quoted saying: “The strength of the people comes from the land. And the bounty of the land comes from Lyranda.”

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Lyranda’s only child is her daughter Phiarla, who she

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