God of the sun and prophecy, Helios is the twin sister of Vadalis.

Helios.jpgHelios radiates with pride and self-assurance. His presence fills the sky with light, blocking mortal access to the dark, starry view of Nyx, and in person he has the same overwhelming aura of awe and brilliance. He is convivial and gregarious, making friends and forming bonds easily, and he sees himself as the ally to all. But others know that Helios can be fickle in his loyalty. Helios’s greatest ally today might be the target of his retribution tomorrow.

Helios is the sun god, literally bringing the light of day to the world, so almost everyone on Theros pays at least tokenistic acknowledgment to him. Some families have a custom of winking in the direction of the dawn’s light first thing in the morning, a gesture of respect to the sun god’s luminous eye. Helios’ devoted worshipers are mainly humans and Laggona Band centaurs, who celebrate Helios on the first clear-skied morning of every month. Temples to Helios often feature stairs up to a rooftop courtyard, enabling sun worship. The largest holiday aligned with Helios is the summer solstice, celebrated with three days of ceremonious feasting, weddings, and oaths of loyalty.

Dictate_of_Helios.jpgHelios is also the god of prophecy, empowering oracles throughout history. The most famous of these is the wise and ancient sphinx Medomai. People from all over the known world have sought to learn what the future held for them, through the visions of such oracles. Such individuals earn a two-edged blessing: momentary glimpses of the future, but the inability to change what is to come. Among mortals, Queen Cymede of Akros is Helios’ greatest servant and has done much to spread the god’s worship in the city.

Helios wields Khrusor, the Sun Spear, a weapon blessed with his power that can be pitched down from the heavens to any point on Theros.

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