Cannith is the god of the forge, the restless earth, and fire. He rules the raw creative force of heat and energy that fills the souls of sentient beings. His energy emerges as chaos, something to be harnessed and shaped by labor and passion. For this reason, Cannith is also the god of artisans, of obsession, and of creation.

To sit in the presence of Cannith is to be inspired. He forges the most ornate and delicate items meant for the gods themselves. He is reasonable yet ultimately follows no rules save his own creative impulses. Sometimes, this can mean destroying one creation to make way for something new. His main flaw is that of frustration, of feeling limited and constrained. He is forever pushing against the barriers of mortal imagination, sensing that there is much more to express. This can cause him to plummet into despondency and then lash out at the world or the other gods.

Followers of Cannith, the god of the forge, brought the secret of bronze to Theros, leading to stronger objects and armaments than any created previously. And the most sanctified acolytes of Cannith also possess small quantities of a new metal said to have come from Cannith’s forge: iron. But it’s not only smiths who worship him. Artists, human and satyr especially, seek his aid, ascending to altars on volcanic slopes to breathe deeply of the creative vapors. Warriors give him homage when lighting a bonfire. Potters inscribe their works with markings meant to honor him.

Cannith wields Akmon, a large hammer whose head slightly resembles an anvil. A blow from Akmon can render the earth molten, and when it strikes metal, each spark becomes a new enchantment, some of which even take on life.

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