Head of the Council of Warriors


Anthousa is head of Setessa’s Council of Warriors.


After a storm shook Setessa, taking down centuries-old trees, Lyranda chastised Anamnesor for his selfishness. Furious at her impudence, Anamnesor sent a storm of truly epic proportions to destroy the crops, snap the branches from the young trees, and force the people to huddle indoors.

Young Anthousa had been hunting and was caught in the deluge. Knowing she was Lyranda’s favorite, Anamnesor sent a bolt of lightning down from Nyx. It struck the grave of a giant, buried for countless centuries under the earth. The ground rose before Anthousa, uprooting trees as frightened birds fled into the stormy sky. A stone giant rose from his primordial resting place. Grabbing the trunk of a broken tree, he swung wildly at the young warrior. Anthousa narrowly escaped, and the giant gave chase. Vadalis saw the scars on the face of her forest and raised vines to clutch at the giant’s legs. Turning back, Anthousa saw the titan stumble. Quick as a deer, she used the vines to scale up to his shoulder as he struggled to get free. Anthousa sought the soft flesh just below the giant’s ear.

Calling out to Lyranda, she drove her dagger deep into the flesh. Hearing her daughter’s plea, Lyranda enchanted Anthousa, giving her the preternatural strength needed to cleave the giant’s head from his body. The severed head fell to the ground, where it sunk halfway into storm-soaked earth. There the skull lies to this day, the home of foxes that shelter in the great cave of his mouth.


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