The Gods

Original Gods
Thassa, Goddess of the Sea (Oceanic)
Avernus, God of the Underworld and Wealth (Death, Trade)
Sivis, Goddess of Marriage and Family (Life, Trickery)
Lyranda, Goddess of Agriculture and the Seasons (Life, Nature)
Ioun, Goddess of Magic (Arcana)

Younger Gods
Helios, God of the Sun and Prophecy (Light)
Vadalis, Goddess of Hunting and Nature (Nature)
Erathis, Goddess of War and Wisdom (Knowledge, War)
Deneith, God of War and Strife (War)
Thuranni, Goddess of Love and Beauty (Charm)
Cannith, God of Smithing and Craft (Knowledge, Crafts)
Helix, God of Travelers and Thieves (Travel, Trickery)
Phiarla, Goddess of the Underworld (Death, Life)
Voltheus, God of Wine and Revelry (Charm, Trickery)
Alkmenos, God of Strength and Courage
Nesara, Goddess of Chaos

Anamnesor, God of the Sky and Storms (Tempest)

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The Gods

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