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  • King Anax

    Anax is a burly man in his late 40s, once a follower of Alkmenos. In his later years he has turned to Cannith as he steers his people through the creation of a small empire. This shift is reflected in the trend in art now seen from Akroan artisans. Swords …

  • Queen Cymede

    Cymede worships Keranos primarily. She is a skilled warrior but a more powerful seer. Having herself been struck by lightning and given a glimpse of the future, Cymede is seen by some as being partly responsible for her husband's effectiveness as king. …

  • Elcmene

    The daughter of a human and [[Nymphs | Alseid-nymph]] pairing. One of two known people with golden hair in all Theros. A slave in royal houshold of [[Akros | Akros]].