Proud Meletan and former scout with a passion for exploration


Child of Helix
Rogue (Arcane Trickster) 5, Sorcerer (Phoenix Bloodline) 1
neutral good, 50ft movement

Wanderer: has excellent memory for maps/geography,‭ ‬can recall the layout of terrain/settlements,‭ ‬can find food for himself plus 5‭ ‬people per day in most areas

‭Military Rank: soldiers from same military treat him accordingly, and defer to him where appropriate; can gain access to friendly bases, and temporarily requisition supplies, etc.

Skills: athletics, acrobatics, slight of hand, stealth, insight, perception, survival, deception, persuasion

Tools: vehicle(water), navigators’ tools, thieves’ tools

_9 STR
15 CON
20 DEX
12 INT
12 WIS
18 CHA


to be added


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